How To Check Your Title Boundary location With A Title Re-establishment Survey

When buying any property, you are purchasing what is on the Certificate of Title and not necessarily what is fenced or built onsite. For over 20 years we have surveyed thousands of titles and found many issues with the title boundary locations all over Victoria.

Weather it is fences located in incorrect locations, buildings built over boundaries and titles that have incorrect dimensions or titles that have other issues regarding the guarantee of title dimensions from Land Registry Services, it is advisable to have a Title Re-establishment Survey completed to identify any issues so that you can deal with these at the time of purchase or during any design phase.

Title Re-establishment Surveys are also used to marking out the title boundaries for the purpose of constructing a fence or building on or near the title boundary or easement. They can also determine any potential adverse possession claims for or against you, as well as locating any easements or issues with easements on the title.

A Title Re-establishment Survey produces a Survey Plan indicating the location of existing fences and buildings near a title boundary, marking of the title boundaries usually with survey pegs and a surveyors report outlining your rights regarding any title boundary issues on you land.

Recently, we complete a Title Re-establishment Survey of a site in East Melbourne which allowed the land owner to then complete an adverse possession claim of an additional 16m² at a value of $8,000 per square meter. This increased the value of the property by $128,000.

Along with Title Re-establishment Surveys, if you are looking to develop, subdivide, construct a new dwelling or renovate, Geelong Land Surveyors also completed a variety of other services to accommodate your vision. We can complete Subdivisions, Feature and Level Surveys, Removal of Easements, Adverse Possession Claims, Building Setout’s, Planning Permits and other Application Surveys.

Generally, Title Re-establishment Survey cost approximately $800-$1300 for residential blocks depending on the age and type of title. Feel free to contact us to get a free quote for any surveying needs with a quick turnaround to satisfy your requirements.