River Avenue – Plenty

Survey Type : Feature and Level Survey, Title Re-establishment Survey and Land Subdivision

The River Avenue site proposed many issues such as building envelopes required to be created as a restriction on the Plan of Subdivision. This was due to the area having so many trees and the developer along with the Nillumbik Shire Council wanting to retain the vegetation.

MLS initially completed a Title Re-establishment Survey and Feature and Level Survey to allow the engineer to design the subdivision and to allow the arborist to complete a survey of the trees onsite to determine which trees were significant and would be required to be retained. On the planning permit was issued to subdivide the site we could then start the subdivision process by preparing the Plan of Subdivision and applying for it to be certified by the Nillumbik Shire Council. Once certification was obtained and the construction of services and road completed then the Statement of Compliance was issued and we pegged out the new title boundaries and issued the Abstract of Field Records and Licensed Surveyor Report to the lodging party along with the Plan of Subdivision so that the 37 new titles could be issued.